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The Hidden Benefits of Staff Meetings

salim102OK, be honest: when was your last staff meeting?  Granted, some of you are very good about having regular meetings with your team members, and that’s great.  But I also know a hefty percentage of you like to let it slip.

Why have them?

Regular staff meetings are the heartbeat of a thriving business.  They allow your staff to connect, get informed, and be prepared for their forthcoming work days.  They’re also a valuable opportunity to take advantage of your team’s collective wisdom concerning the inner workings of your business at every level.  Tap your team for solutions.  Have a brainstorm.

Take special note of the first word of that last paragraph: regular.  Sporadic meetings won’t be taken seriously by your team.  Make a consistent schedule and commit to sticking by it.

But back to why you may be avoiding these meetings.  Do you fear you won’t know what to say?  That you’ll be boring?  That the whole thing will be a waste of time?

None of these things need be true.  Decide in advance on an agenda – and the narrower the agenda, the better.  Make sure all attendees are aware of the agenda in advance.  Then, stick to the topic at hand.

Be firm about steering the conversation back to the agenda if you see the meeting headed in too many other directions.  Table the participants’ other concerns and comments for future staff meetings, or agree to meet with staff members individually.

Before wrapping up the meeting, assign action steps to specific people.  Follow up with those people within a reasonable amount of time to ensure the task is getting done.  If not, you’ll have the opportunity to dig deeper and find out what tools the employee is missing in order to make things happen.

Haven’t had a meeting in a while? Your assignment: identify one nagging problem in your business.  Have a meeting and ask your staff to help you find a solution.  I think you’ll be hooked.

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